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The Red Shoes (PG)

Saturday 9th December 2023 - Thursday 14th December 2023

In Powell and Pressburger’s visually ravishing masterpiece, a young ballerina is torn between the demands of love and art. The film has proved an inspiration to filmmakers and dancers alike.

I Know Where I’m Going! (PG) Introduced by Judith Noble

Thursday 7th December 2023

Powell and Pressburger weave their course of true love through flashes of surrealism, a life-threatening whirlpool and an ancient curse, disarming and enchanting in equal measure.

Performance (18)

Thursday 30th November 2023

One of the greatest British films ever made, in Performance the occult meets the counterculture meets the London underworld in Cammell and Roeg’s cult masterpiece. Follow's Judith Noble's Lecture "An Occult Avantgarde"

Stop Making Sense (PG)

Saturday 4th November 2023 - Wednesday 8th November 2023

Considered the greatest concert film of all time, Stop Making Sense features Talking Heads' most memorable songs including Burning Down The House, Psycho Killer and Once in a Lifetime

The Wicker Man (15)

Friday 23rd June 2023 - Wednesday 28th June 2023

In the 50 years since its original release, The Wicker Man has achieved true cult status as one of the most revered horror films in cinema history.

Local Hero (PG)

Friday 2nd June 2023 - Thursday 8th June 2023

Whether showing us a tycoon with his head in the stars or bridging generations at an all-night ceilidh dance, Local Hero is filled with warmth, wit and eccentricity - ready to be discovered anew on the big screen.

Amélie (15)

Saturday 3rd June 2023

Vive la France! Join us for a special evening as we celebrate French cinema and music, beginning with Amélie, possibly the most beautiful, fanciful, funny poem to unrequited love and to Paris ever made.

Raging Bull (15)

Saturday 22nd April 2023 - Wednesday 26th April 2023

Step back into the ring with Robert De Niro's Jake LaMotta, as Martin Scorsese's sprawling boxing masterpiece returns to cinemas in a knockout new 4K restoration.

Roman Holiday (U)

Tuesday 14th February 2023 - Wednesday 15th February 2023

William Wyler’s beloved romantic classic, featuring Audrey Hepburn in her first starring role, celebrates its landmark 70th anniversary in 2023 and has been lovingly restored in 4K.

The Shop Around the Corner (PG)

Wednesday 21st December 2022 - Thursday 22nd December 2022

Deftly directed by Ernst Lubitsch from a smart, funny script by Samson Raphaelson, The Shop Around the Corner is a romantic comedy in the finest sense of the term. The perfect film to relax with in the hectic run-up to Christmas.

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